Completed Projects

Characterisation and Modelling of Re-Radiation Functions from Single Trees illuminated by Radiowaves at Microwave and Millimetre Frequencies

R. Caldeirinha, M O. Al-Nuaimi, I. E. Otung, J Richter

Investigation of Efficient Mobile Antennas for Third Generation Communication Systems

P Panayi, M O Al-Nuaimi, L P Ivrissimtzis

Radiowave Propagation in Urban Micro and Macro-Cells with Application to Base Station Antenna Design

P L P Ivrissimtzis, M O Al-Nuaimi, J Richter

Wideband Mobile Radio Channel Characterisation and Modelling at Millimetre Wave Frequencies

A. Siamarou, M. Al-Nuaimi, A. Hammoudeh, M.Sanchez

Utilisation of GIS data in the Planning and Design of Radio Links in the Urban Environment

M O Al-Nuaimi, D Kinder, I Fitzell, I E Otung

A study of tropospheric scintillation effects on high capacity digital satellite communication systems

C. Kassianides, I. E. Otung, M. O. Al-Nuaimi

Accurate Prediction of Scintillation Degradation Applicable to Satellite Communication Systems Design

A. Savvaris, I.E. Otung, M. O. Al-Nuaimi

Effects of Vegetation Forms on the Design and Performance of Mobile and Fixed Wireless Networks

Harlem St Michael, R. Caldeirinha, M O. Al-Nuaimi

Swept Time Cross Correlation (STCC) Receiver for Wideband Characterisation of Mobile Radio Urban Microcells at Millimetre Waves and 2GHz

A Hammoudeh, M Sanchez

Channel Assignment of Wireless Broadband Millimetre Wave Mobile Radio System

A Hammoudeh, M Sanchez, D Scammell

Measurements and Modelling of Reflection and Transmission from Smooth and Rough Surfaces at 60 GHz

J P Pugliese, A Hammoudeh

Coherence Bandwidth Characteristics for Indoor Mobile Radio Microcells at Microwave and Millimetre Wave Frequencies

J P Kermoal, A Hammoudeh